Our Success Story


From local to global


Everyone defines success differently as much as there are people, there are different opinions. Our number one on the priority list is the success of our employees, labours and clients. We work hard in the name of the success of our company being among the best trading and contracting company in Qatar and expanding globally to Portugal and Morocco.

You can find some thoughts on success about ITCE Qatar W.L.L. every story is unique, but this is what success is.

ITCE Qatar W.L.L.

Scope & Design

We get your ideas together and discuss priorities, budget and timings. Once agreed, ITCE starts with schematic designs; they usually involve a rough layout of the floor plan.

Construction Bids

To solicit construction bids, we provide potential bidders with working drawings, plans for the proposed structure and project specifications, the terms of which are spelt out in contracts and initiate the construction process.

Completion & Maintenance

The final phase readies the building for occupancy, information about processes and materials necessary to maintain the building work are provided.

We rise by lifting others


ITCE prioritise our clients' needs and specialises in providing turnkey solutions in the construction industry, being the sole distributor of QPR and Flexpro Limited in Qatar.

What we Do


We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice.



Steel Extrusion

Switch Gears



Turnkey Solutions

We built an end-to-end system for our clients, that can be easily implemented into their current business process and is designed to fulfil processes.

Time Efficiency

Efficiency is about making the best possible use of resources. ITCE firms maximise outputs - reduce the costs, improve the efficiency and competitiveness.

Optimist and Persistent

ITCE makes conscious choices to view the world positively. We see challenges as potential and mistakes as lessons learned, paving the way for a better future.